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SOCIAL LEARNING AND PLAY Provided by a certified Occupational Therapist Rachel

6 week session for $150 per child

Targeting social skills for children from 4 to 7 years of age

  • Classes focus on helping kids figure out how to think in social situations using a curriculum called Social Thinking.

  • Learning five core Social Thinking Vocabulary Concepts: Hidden Rules, Expected vs. Unexpected Behaviors, Smart Guess, Flexible and Smart Thinking, Size of the Problem, and Sharing an Imagination.

  • Help children develop Social Detective Skills in a fun creative way while using play, books, and role playing.

  • Practice and Review Whole Body listening using Whole Body Listening Larry series.

  • Provide Parents with Resources and Books to reinforce social skills at home.

Provided by Certified Occupational Therapist
Rachel Khalifa Muscant OTR/L