About US

Welcome to Kidtuitive, where playtime is at your fingertips! Our flexible drop-in model is designed to fit into your family’s busy schedule. Now there’s no excuse to postpone playtime.

Decades of research have shown that play is an important mediator in the physical, social, cognitive, and language development of young children. In spite of this, our children’s exposure to play, faces threats from many directions. Our philosophy is rooted in the belief that physical play boost brain development that leads to happier lifestyles for our future generations.

That is why at Kidtuitive, we’ve worked hard to provide a play space that encourages our future presidents, astronauts, Olympians and artists to engage in physical activities that is fun, interactive and challenging to stimulate their brain power.

Let your little ones experience the joy of being a care-free child.  


Where digital age meets physical play while intuition guides their way.