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that now more than ever, physical activity play a pivotal role in a child’s development. We also believe that brain development combined with physical play equates to a fun-tastic experience! That is why at Kidtuitive, we’ve worked hard to provide a playspace that encourage our future presidents, astronauts, Olympians and artists to engage in physical activities that is fun, interactive and challenging- that also stimulate their brain power.


OUR OPEN GYM - comprised of over 1700 sq ft that accommodates equipment such as zip lines, rope climb mesh, ariel yoga, an interactive wall, a kitchen and grocery station and much more! But don’t worry, there is still plenty of running and jumping space for your child to release all that pent up energy.


OUR GENIUS SECTION- this is a dedicated section for those that may need a little more guidance with their play skills. If your child is sensitive to stimulation, has a sensory need or just need a ‘chill-out’ time- this is the place to be! We have tons of reading material and “artzy-craft” for those that want to bring out their inner Picasso!


OUR TAKE A BREAKE SECTION - This is where you get to sit back, relax and enjoy “you” time and watch your child at play. Of course you’re welcome to assist your child with activities and play with them in the gym at any time- in fact we encourage it!


OUR CLEANLINESS POLICY - We adhere to the highest level of standards when it comes to keeping our gym clean. We end each day with a wipe down of all equipments, toys and play area including floors. We strive to maintain a healthy clean environment during play time and ask our customers to help us keep it germ-free for safety of all kids.


OUR SAFETY FIRST POLICY - We are dedicated to keeping your child safe at all times within our premise. All equipment and activities are safely secured and the open floor of the gym provides you with a full view of the gym without any hidden corners.


OUR TOP NOTCH STAFF - Our well qualified staff that we refer to as 'Captains' is always around to help monitor all activities during your visit. They are trained to assist with play, equipment and ensure that our safety first and clean policy standards are upheld at all times! 


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